8 Genius ‘Joker’ Fan Theories to Help You Put on a Happy Face

Audiences thought Todd Phillips’ new film Joker would finally give the character a backstory. But it doesn’t. Instead, it urges fans to use their imaginations. Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character is a psychologically disturbing one. His Joker is a failed stand-up comic named Arthur Fleck who suffers from a disorder that causes him to combust into uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times. He’s also delusional—seeing, hearing and remembering things that are oftentimes not real (or so we think). This has resulted in a clown-car full of interpretations and theories surrounding the Joker’s story. What’s a more appropriate origin story for a mysterious character than an uncertain one? Here are the most batshit, enjoyable, and exhausting theories out there. Warning: major spoilers ahead!

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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