Russian Doll

The Death-Defying ‘Russian Doll’ Guide to Confronting Your Mortality

It’s your 36th birthday and your best friend threw you an intimate party with lots of drugs, alcohol, homemade chicken, and a drippy cake. What more could you ask for? Sex, which is why you leave your own birthday party early with an attractive stranger. After getting laid, and dismissing your one-night stand, you head out to the streets of New York City…and get killed. It’s a total bummer, but the next thing you know, you’re back in the bathroom at your birthday party and it’s the previous night again. You seem to be alive. Are you dreaming? Did you time travel? What the fuck is happening? In your attempt to figure it out, you die again and end up back in the bathroom.

That’s the plot of the hilarious Emmy-nominated Netflix series Russian Doll, which follows Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha Lyonne) as she tries to free herself from the deadly vicious cycle she finds herself in. Though the themes are dark, the dialogue is whip-smart with rat-a-tat timing as Vulvokov contemplates what this mindfuck from the universe means. We recommend figuring out the meaning of life before you die, which is why we’ve put together this Russian Doll guide to confronting your mortality. Don’t forgive to live before you kick the bucket!

Cover Photo: Netflix

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