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Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video For Getting Free Movie Popcorn

Nothing tastes better than a free food hack. Especially when said free food hack can be used more than once. We hope you’re hungry because today’s amazing life hack of the week teaches you how to get free movie theater popcorn. With inflation driving prices through the roof, this hack will definitely save you a few bucks. Best of all, you can use it whenever you go to the movies. It takes almost no effort and is truly the gift that keeps on giving because there’s no limit on how often you can use it.

This verified life hack comes to us via JP Lambiase better known on TikTok as one-half of @hellthyjunkfood. Thanks to this king, you can eat like at the movies, no matter how broke you are. And if that’s not a life hack we all need right now, we don’t know what is.

Image: TikTok

What You’ll Need 

  • Popcorn bucket
  • Balls of steel
  • Mini Lysol

Look there are not a lot of steps to this life hack because it’s honestly rather simple. The next time you go to the movies take your popcorn bucket home with you. You heard us right. Just leave with the large refillable popcorn bucket and bring it back with you the next time you go to the movies. It’s not illegal, even though it might seem a little bit weird to people.

Now, if you can’t even afford this, don’t worry. Once you’re in the theater, simply grab an empty bucket from a movie that’s just ended. Spray it with a Mini Lysol Disinfecting Spray or take it to the bathroom, wash it out and wipe it out down to clean it. Then bring it to the concession stand and ask for your free refill.

@hellthyjunkfood Get FREE #Popcorn free popcorn at the #movies with this #foodhack #foodbacks #lifehack #freefood #fyp ♬ original sound – HellthyJunkFood

Now, if you’re really, really broke, sneak into the movies and bypass the whole ticket situation. Then pull this popcorn hack and enjoy the great American pastime of ripping off corporations.