Mandatory TV Battles: Netflix’s ‘Family Reunion’ vs. Urkel’s ‘Family Matters’

Comparing favorite TV shows is like comparing doughnuts to cupcakes. The decision is a deeply personal one that rises beyond the realm of comparison. On the other hand, when Netflix recently debuted its new sitcom, Family Reunion, we knew a TV showdown was inevitable. The premise drew too many similarities to the classic TGIF favorite, Family Matters, to be anything other than a direct challenge to the throne.

So we decided to binge the first season of both shows to see who packed the most laughs, won the most hearts, and blazed the most trails. Please stand at a safe distance and prepare to duck, as Netflix and Urkel go head-to-head in the latest Mandatory TV Battle.

Cover Photo: ABC Photo Archives (Getty Images)

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In the end, the new incarnation just doesn’t hold a candle to the classic. Instead of pioneering new territory, it’s relying on audience nostalgia from shows like Family Matters to worm its way into our hearts. Purely looking at the titles of the show alone, it’s clear which one has the depth to go the distance. While both contain double entendres, only one has the poetry of life baked right in.

Overall Winner: Family Matters

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