The Absolute 10 Best Things about Growing Up in the ’90s

Photo: RyanJLane (Getty Images)

The ’90s were an era unlike any other. It was the perfect transitional decade, with a lot of the neon goofiness from the ‘80s segueing into the more straight-faced ‘00s. The ‘90s were a time of Saturday morning cartoons, skateboarding, pro wrestling, and Pizza Hut. It was an era that saw the rise of Super Nintendo, slasher flicks, and SNICK. TGIF was destination viewing, long before the battles for the Iron Throne. The ‘90s were a more innocent time, despite the sexual proclivities of the President of the United States.

Ladies loved LL Cool J, boy bands sold as many CDs as hair products, and MTV still actually played music — some of which was even requested live. It was the era of Pogs and Ninja Turtles and Giga-Pets. For those who lived through the ’90s, there is nothing but fond memories. Those are memories worth revisiting, which is why we’re presenting the 10 best things about growing up in the ‘90s.

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