RANKED! ’90s Sitcoms We All Miss Watching With Our Family

Cover: NBC (Getty Images)

For those of us who lived it, we all know the ’90s was a great decade in which to grow up. Jordan, Tomagotchis, Nickelodeon, boy bands, the Spice Girls (?), Forrest Gump and a load of transcendent sitcoms from the era will be binge-watched for generations. For our generation, simply saying TGIF brings back more important memories than any chain restaurant ever could.

The ’90s was a time in which comedies on television took a leap in art and heart. Without us even noticing, these sitcoms taught us life lessons while making us laugh. The impact the laughs had on our lives only means it’s only a matter of time before we introduce our kids to the following cast of characters from our favorite sitcoms.

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