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Kevin Hart Continues to Explain How Apologies Work in New Comedy Special, Makes Money Anyway

Photo: Johnny Nunez (Getty Images)

Kevin Hart does not need to apologize to anyone. At least, that’s what he spends an hour trying to convince us of in his new Netflix comedy special, Irresponsible. Filmed in London’s O2 Arena, Hart struggles to find his footing in the massive venue, repeating set-ups in the opening minutes like he can’t quite remember which joke he’s trying to open with. Built around the concept of being an irresponsible person, Hart segues into jokes about his kids walking in on him mid-coitus and what a pain in the ass it is to win back his wife’s trust after cheating on her. It’s exactly the kind of disconnected, infantile point of view that feels archaic/tired in the age of Trump.

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While some laughs do eventually come, they’re the kind that leaves a bad taste in your mouth — stadium-sized humor that coasts on the popularity of the performer but is poised to age badly à la every Tim Allen comedy special ever. To be fair, with Netflix specials sprouting faster than a Sicilian grandpa’s nose hairs, it’s hard to tell which will stand the test of time. Lucky for you, we’ve watched every single one of them. Here are our top three picks from the class of recent graduates.

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