Shazam Versus Kazaam

Mandatory Movie Battle: ‘Shazam’ vs. ‘Kazaam’

Photo: Warner Brothers and Touchstone Pictures

For this week’s movie battle, we had to pit two heavyweights against one another. We have Zachary Levi’s Shazam versus the almost completely forgotten NBA-All-Star-turned-genie Shaq in 1996’s Kazaam. How do these two films stand next to one another?

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Oh, ouch. That wasn’t much of a fight. Kazaam brought its 6 percent “tomatometer” to a gunfight. We give Shaq credit for trying, and we for sure don’t blame him for the disaster, because he gave it his all, but luckily for him, he had way more success on the basketball court than he did at the movies.

Shazam is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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