Puny Man Bodies Up With Shaq On The Court, Gets Tossed Out Of The Way

Photo: Instagram / shaq

During his NBA career, Shaquille O’Neil was a behemoth of a man with the athleticism of one much smaller than him. It was truly a wonder to witness this juggernaut terrorize dudes in the league in almost every one of his appearances with thunderous dunks.

Understandably, as Shaq got older, his dominance began to dwindle. What was once an unstoppable force became a slower, heavier (fatter) version of its former self. Now Shaq is sitting behind a broadcast desk, arguing with Charles Barkley over who’s more out of shape.

Shaq Tosses Puny Man To The Floor In Pick-Up Basketball Game

If the following video is any indication, it seems Shaq has a pretty good argument for being the more in-shape retiree.

“The Big Aristotle” posted a video of himself recently playing pick-up basketball against some guys that aren’t exactly NBA caliber. What happened was Shaq revisited his more formidable years by tossing a poor, puny, regular dude out of the way en route to a big dunk.

Obviously, the guy on the floor isn’t Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning or any of the other NBA centers of the 1990s who tried to stop Shaq, but kudos to him for thinking he had a chance.

This reminds me of the days O’Neil shot fear through the spines of players who opposed him. The guy was so big and strong, they had to keep backup backboards at the arenas at which he played, just in case he broke the ones already on the court. They did this for good reason, too, because Shaq broke a number of backboards while playing in the league.

Need a reminder of how much of a badass Shaq was? The following YouTube video will give you a fairly good one.

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