Nintendo Nostalgic: NHL ’94 Is Still As Addictive As Ever

It’s almost Stanley Cup playoff time! With another season of the NHL nearing its end, we are weeks away from knockout hockey. That means great matches, great goals, and hopefully, some great fights for a change. Chances are if you follow a team, they’re also still in the hunt for a spot in the brackets, too. Unless that team happens to be the Senators or the Kings, in which case the salty tears of a horribly blown season might still be flowing.

If you’re a gamer, it’s also time to dust off that Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo, and once again boot up the still-reigning king of hockey games: EA Sports’ NHL ‘94. It’s a hockey game so good that it left out the brawls and still delivered a classic simulation of the sport. Here are a few reasons why it still holds up so well.

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