Real Trash Talk: The NHL All-Star Jerseys Are Made of Upcycled Garbage

Photo: Dave Sandford (Getty Images)

When the 2019 NHL All-Star Game players hit the ice on Jan. 26, they’ll be covered in garbage. But not to worry, they’ll actually be draped in the latest line of upcycled marine plastics by adidas. It’s like the old saying: One man’s trash is another man’s professional uniform.

The league partnered with Adidas to make uniforms recycled from oceanic trash as a means of continuing their eco-friendly efforts. But they’re not the first oceanic upcycled activewear line. In fact, recycling plastic pollution seems to be the direction most responsible sporting good juggernauts are heading, not to mention most yoga pants.

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This isn’t the first time Adidas has used the discarded sea debris to produce jerseys. Last year, they made uniforms for the University of Miami’s football team out of used fish nets and other ocean pollution.

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These Adizero jerseys will be worn throughout the all-star game weekend, including the skills competition on Jan. 25 and the 3-on-3 tournament the following day. That way, players can engage in some literal trash talk for once and discuss more sustainable efforts they can make together, instead of just knocking each other’s teeth down their throat.

Then again, discarded teeth can probably be upcycled for something useful, too. And there’s no one better for that than the NHL!