Monday Morning Jolt: Music From The Raconteurs Revs You Up To Vote

Patrick Keeler, Brendan Benson, and Jack White of The Raconteurs. Photo: C Flanigan / Contributor (Getty Images)

Before you hit play on this Monday Morning Jolt playlist, just know that it’s that time of year again. No, not leftover candy week (although that’s pretty nice). It’s time to unleash your inner T-Swift, crank up some music, and go vote

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This playlist is election-flavored. It’s got rock, electronic, and Team America music (you knew it was coming).

So hit up this American-themed music while you’re getting into the swing of your week. Jam out, then turn out. Just avoid that voter-booth selfie. Not even Justin Timberlake could pull it off.

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For real. Vote.