Justin Timberlake Could Do Time For Posting Voting Booth Selfie On Instagram

Photo: @justintimberlake via Instagram.

If there’s one thing celebrities can never get enough of, it’s attention. Even if that spotlight comes at a price. In the case of Justin Timberlake, he could be facing “up to 30 days [in jail] or fined no more than 50 dollars or both,” according to what the Shelby County DA’s office told Entertainment Weekly. This is all because he just HAD to snap the following voting booth selfie after flying from Los Angeles to his home state of Tennessee to “rock the vote.” Well, technically, it was posting the picture to his 37 million followers on Instagram that did him in. You can check out the seemingly innocuous, yet utterly pointless, photo below:


Now before you fly off the handle and say that what he did was totally justified because he was trying to raise voter awareness, know that all we’re saying is that he could have taken a selfie literally anywhere else with the same message written underneath and accomplished the same feat. But since he violated the law passed last year — TCA2-7-142(B) — which is designated a class C misdemeanor, he’s now under investigation by the Shelby County DA’s office. If prosecuted, he’d be the first person in the state of Tennessee to get busted on it.

Considering Timberlake has yet to take the photo down from his page, we assume he’s either not too worried about the 50 dollar fine and possible jail time, or is smart enough to realize that taking it down after blasting it out to millions of people will do little good. Hopefully it was worth the 472 thousand likes and counting. They’ll surely keep him warm in his cell.

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