Monday Morning Jolt

Monday Morning Jolt: Music From The Turn Of The Century

Photo: Graham Knowles / Contributor (Getty Images)

This week, Monday Morning Jolt wanted to go back to a simpler time, back when we cared about pogs, ripped jeans, and South Park. That’s right, this playlist takes us all the way back to the 2000s.

Those were simpler times. For one thing, the very first iPod revolutionized our music libraries but the iPhone hadn’t been invented yet. Also, there was no Twitter or Facebook, while Amazon mainly focused on selling books. Even more confusingly, America was obsessed with Razr flip phones, body glitter, and Myspace.

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This playlist celebrates that simpler time with some of the biggest rock hits of the era. Hit play and set your MSN Messenger status as the sweet sounds of Three Doors Down, Barenaked Ladies, and Audiovent take you back to the early aughts.

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