BØRNS Responds to Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder (Getty)

Multiple women have come forward on social media this past week accusing singer-songwriter Garrett Clark Borns, aka BØRNS, of predatory behavior, sexual misconduct, and “grooming” teenage girls. The “Electric Love” hitmaker denies the detailed and disturbing accusations. One of the alleged victims was 16 when the alleged misconduct first started.

Shortly after the allegations went viral, BØRNS posted a statement on his Instagram, saying: “I am both hurt and angered over the disturbing and false allegations that have been spread over the past few days on social media. All of the relationships I have had were legal and consensual. They ended abruptly and that obviously caused hurt feelings, but for anyone to suggest anything beyond that is irresponsible.”

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A Twitter account, @exposing_borns, has been compiling accusations against the 26-year-old, exposing a pattern of arranging meetings with barely legal and underage girls that he meets in-person and online. According to the allegations, BØRNS continued communication through social media and texts even after knowing some girls were under age. These conversations eventually led to meeting in person to drink and have sex. One of the women, Lyss, described how she and BØRNS were watching TV once and he began touching her, going further up her leg. “I want to add that he also was aware of how old I was, 16, yet he still touched me the way he did.” When she was 18, Lyss claims that BØRNS got her drunk and started touching her before they went into his bedroom. “The things he did were things I did not want, and it hurt,” she said. “He was aggressive and controlling and I was so fucking scared of him.”

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You can view more of the accusations concerning BØRNS below: