Feuds And Firings: Social Media Was Made For Celebrity Meltdowns

Photo: Gotham/GC Images (Getty)

Social media is for the responsible and sound minds of the internet. It’s a privilege that is not to be toyed with. This isn’t fricking YouTube, guys. We’re just kidding. We love when celebrities make a mockery of social media and start feuds (usually for publicity). Hey, it’s better than Kanye coming into your office and making you guess how many pills he’s taking.

Roseanne Barr

The latest social media mess-up belongs to the newly crowned queen of racism Roseanne Barr, who was ejected by ABC after picking on enough people. We’re convinced she just doesn’t understand how Twitter works (but that she’s also a bit racist).

Blake Lively

celebrity meltdowns social media, blake lively

The Shallows actress has a new role as Emily Nelson in the upcoming thriller A Simple Favor, but what’s really interesting is that she recently deleted all of the people she follows on Instagram to only follow Emily Nelsons. You can imagine how these 27 or so Emily Nelsons felt about Blake Lively following them. Now she’s only following two people, Ryan Reynolds and Emily Nelson (@hope.for.emily). Creepy.

The Rock VS. Tyrese

celebrity meltdowns social media, the rock tyrese

When the biggest wanna-be tough guy goes up against the actual biggest tough guy, you can be sure it’s for a good movie stunt. Otherwise, Tyrese’s thoughts on The Rock stealing the Fast & Furious franchise from Vin Diesel would be true and he’d be asking for an ass whooping.

Father John Misty

celebrity meltdowns social media, father john misty

Josh Tillman had a new record out June 1, but he’s long been gone from social media after a series of hilarious posts where he’s constantly looking at his phone instead of the camera. Come back to us, Josh.

Cardi B VS. Azealia Banks

Things heated up between Cardi B and Banks over some racially-charged women’s talk. What started with Banks referring to Cardi as “an illiterate, untalented rat” and “a caricature of a black woman” led to Cardi firing back with an explosively-worded rant ending with her deleting Instagram and going private on Twitter.

Ryan Adams

celebrity meltdowns social media, ryan adams father john misty

Apparently someone put spoiled milk in Adam’s coffee, because he went off on indie folk singer Father John Misty out of the clear blue after getting billed on a festival, calling him “the most self-important asshole on Earth.” That may well be true, but you don’t have to say it. He’s self-importantly self-aware.

Taylor Swift VS. Katy Perry Feud

celebrity meltdowns social media, taylor swift katy perry

Photo: Lester Cohen/AMA2011/WireImage (Getty)

A decade-long friendship turned to “Bad Blood” when Swift was indirectly the pointing finger at Perry in the song about “another popular female artist” stealing her staff. Both pop singers had come off relationships with John Mayer (nobody’s perfect), but the since-deleted messages stirred up some “are we friends, I can’t really tell” uncertainty, which has since been cleared up.

President Donald J. Trump (Every Day)

celebrity meltdowns social media, donald trump

And what would a day be without our fearless reality star tweeting nonsense that gets people in trouble, fired or ignites world wars? From Russian witch hunts to scandalous stormy weather, there is no end to the lies, corruption and two-faced tweets of a once unloved reality host turned now-unloved leader of the free world.

Until tomorrow, it’s good to be alive (and on social media).