Fails and Feels: The Best and Worst Moments in Gaming 7/7/2018

It’s been another busy week in gaming, with lots happening in and around the interactive entertainment medium that we love so much. In this week’s edition of Fails and Feels, we’ll be rounding up the worst and best video game news stories, in an attempt to get you all caught up!

Strap yourselves in, as we’re starting with the Fails before we get to the Feels!

Fails and Feels


Roblox Bans Players Who Raped a Seven Year Old’s Avatar

First up in our list of “I don’t want to live on this planet any longer” gaming news is a Roblox gang rape. Yep, you read that right!

In what is supposed to be a kid-friendly game, several players attacked and simulated rape on a 7-year-old child’s avatar. The mother of that child found out, posted images to Facebook, and now those players are banned. Justice served, perhaps, but I still feel bad for that kid!

ArenaNet Fires Two Employees Over Twitter Spat with Guild Wars 2 Fans

Social media sites can be great for interacting with others, keeping tabs on what’s happening in the world, and stalking your exes. However, if you’re representing a company and everything you say and do is heavily scrutinized, the Facebooks and the Twitters can be incredibly damaging.

In a violent conclusion to several angry interactions between Guild Wars 2 developers Jessica Price and Peter Fries, and a YouTube content creator named “Deroir,” publisher ArenaNet ultimately decided to fire the two (now ex-) employees.

Top Street Fighter Player Kenji Kuroda Arrested For Alleged Molestation

In other depressing news, top Street Fighter player Kenji Kuroda has been arrested for an alleged molestation. He committed “obscene acts” of “sexual molestation” on a minor, according to the translated report.

There isn’t yet any news on a sentencing or further court proceedings. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

Don’t Eat Sonic the Hedgehog Curry… Unless You Want Blue Poo

Ever wanted to turn your poop blue? If for some bizarre reason you answered “yes,” then you’ll want to try and get your hands on the officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog curry. It’s incredibly blue in color, as YouTube creator Retro Core found out. That blue food translates to blue poo, with the dye lasting multiple trips to the bathroom. Nice!

Fails and Feels


20 Minutes of Anthem Gameplay

Kicking off our compilation of Feels for this week is a glorious gameplay showcase of Anthem, the hotly-anticipated third-person shooter from BioWare. The 20-minute, 4K gameplay demo comes with developer commentary, guiding you through the action. The game is looking incredible!

Overwatch Endorsements Encourage Everyone to Be Fake Nice and it’s Great

Toxicity in online games has always been a problem. Players really find it difficult to be nice to one another, with the anonymity granting protection over most repercussions.

In an attempt to basically force players to be nicer, Blizzard has introduced “Endorsements” into Overwatch. Basically, if you’re nice, fellow players will “endorse” you, which will unlock various rewards. It’d be better if players were just nicer in general, but I suppose this is a more realistic solution.

Darwin Project Battle Royale Game Now Free on Xbox One

Darwin Project is yet another free-to-play battle royale title. This contribution to the rapidly growing genre goes in hard with the Hunger Games inspiration, featuring survival equipment that takes things to the next level. Players can also track enemies, which makes for a compelling game of cat and mouse.

As I said, Darwin Project is free, so you might as well give it a try!

We Happy Few Unbanned in Australia

Due to its depiction of violence, We Happy Few was initially banned in Australia. Happily, that ban has been overturned, with the Classification Review Board deciding that an “R18+” rating was more appropriate. Players over 18 are permitted to play the game, though they should be aware of its “fantasy violence and interactive drug use.”

We Happy Few is looking very interesting, and I’m glad that Australian players will get to give it a go!

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