Paul Sorvino On Harvey Weinstein: “I’ll Kill The Motherf**er”

Paul Sorvino


Last month it was learned that Harvey Weinstein blacklisted tons of actresses who refused to bang him, and one of those was Mira Sorvino. As you probably know, her father is Paul Sorvino. He was in Goodfellas. He was also in a movie with Paris Hilton, but that’s beside the point. Remember him in Goodfellas because holy shit.



Paul Sorvino is 78 and basically just said “I keep that THANG on me” directly into a camera when asked about Harvey Weinstein. If you think he’s just talking shit, let’s take a trip to 2007. To when his daughter, Amanda Sorvino, was threatened by her ex-boyfriend, and Paul showed up with a gun ready to Bombs Over Baghdad. Weinstein better stay at whatever resort he’s at right now, before Pesci and DeNiro bury his ass in the desert.