Rob Kardashian Refuses To Leave His Bedroom Unless You Have Food

Rob Kardashian Diabetes

Last month it was revealed that Rob Kardashian was given the gift of diabetes, and so far he seems to be following my advice

….the 28-year-old recluse not only remains hidden away in his older sister Khloe‘s Calabasas home— he refuses to leave his room! Sources told the magazine that Rob has food delivered to his bedroom door. And the meals are far from healthy. “He’s been eating everything fattening and unhealthy in sight‑ burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken, potato skins, burritos, enchiladas and chips,” an insider said.

Good for you, Rob. Stay strong, my brother.  Don’t let a little numbness and tingling in your hands and feet keep you from living your best life if that life includes playing Star Wars Battlefront all day in between Cook-Out trays. Dude, your fat sister is calling you fat on a show with your last name it. Keep eating until that diabetes is worth at least half a mill. 

Hey, Rob. Remember this? What was that all about?