Tim Tebow Broke Up An Aaron Hernandez Bar Fight In 2007

Tim Tebow Aaron Hernandez


Let's ignore the fact that Tim Tebow was at a bar in Florida while underage, the real story here is that Tebow used his Jesus powers to stop his psychotic teammate at the University of Florida, Aaron Hernandez, from beating a bouncer to death in 2007. ESPN reports:

Tim Tebow  tried to play peacemaker in a 2007 bar fight involving Florida teammate Aaron Hernandez, according to a supplemental police report obtained by ABC News. Tebow, whose name was not included in the first report, told police that he urged the then-17-year-old Hernandez to leave peacefully and offered to pay the disputed bill. Employee Michael Taphorn suffered a burst ear drum when punched by Hernandez, and initially told police he wanted to pursue charges. But he later had second thoughts, according to the supplemental report. Taphorn stated he had been contacted by legal staff and Florida coaches about a possible agreeement in the case. A Florida spokesperson told ESPN.com's Andy Katz Tuesday night that "No one from the university's general counsel's office was involved in this matter." When police arrived at the scene and could not find Hernandez, they interviewed Tebow about the incident, the Orlando Sentinel reported. According to police records obtained by the newspaper, Tebow said he witnessed the dispute and tried to "help resolve the conflict."

28 NFL players have been arrested since the Super Bowl, and while that might sound bad, the Patriots are the only ones who drafted a mass murderer. And no matter how many times the burning bush leads Tebow to live under the delusion that he'll ever be a NFL quarterback, he seems like a truly decent guy and at least he's never been arrested or tried to kill anything (unless you want to count the first time he enters a vagina). And that's pretty much a compliment you give someone in the NFL now: "at least he's never been arrested or tried to kill anything". But none of that matters. It's the NFL. They could burn puppies alive at halftime during every game and it would still be the highest rating thing on television every fall.