Mick Jagger’s Daughter Does Playboy

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Hot chicks and Playboy have been exploiting each other for decades now, but apparently their business model has changed. Further ensuring their magazine will fold soon and their offices will be burned to the ground, Playboy continues to put horrifically unattractive chicks on the cover. Like Lizzy Jagger. NY Post reports:

“I’m kind of a topless person,” the 27-year-old explained. “I’m quite European, so when I’m at the beach, I prefer to be topless.” “People assume that because I was brought up on Rolling Stones tours and my father is who he is, I’m some kind of rock-and-roll bad girl,” said Jagger, who prefers to be called Lizzy. “But I do like to have a bit of fun.”

Oh, yeah. Totally. Who would ever assume that being brought up around origies and mountains of blow would make get naked for a magazine? Well, everyone as it turns out.


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