Danielle Radcliffe Is Sad. For Gays.

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Apparently some gay dudes killed themselves because of something or another, but since completely random people don’t commit suicide everyday, Harry Potter actor Danielle Radcliffe has taken the time to make sure you feel guilty. MTV News reports:

When Tyler Clementi leapt from a bridge after his roommate posted a video of his tryst with another man online, and 13-year-old Seth Walsh hung himself after enduring relentless anti-gay taunts, their actions not only resulted in tragic deaths, they helped to serve as a wake-up call that LGBT discrimination, especially among young people, is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. “Learning about the suicide deaths of Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Asher Walker, Billy Lucas and Justin Aaberg has been heartbreaking for me. These young people were bullied and tormented by people that should have been their friends,” Radcliffe said. “We have a responsibility to be better to each other, and accept each others’ differences regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ability, or religion and stand up for someone when they’re bullied.”Radcliffe also urged people to reach out if they believe a pal may be considering suicide. “When a friend is feeling depressed or says they’re thinking of killing themselves, we must take it seriously and get them help,” Radcliffe continued, before directing young people to the website of the Trevor Project, an organization he has championed that provides support for LGBT youth and runs a 24-hour crisis-prevention hotline.

Look, I get some guys killed themselves. But just because they’re gay doesn’t mean it’s more tragic than the thousand other people who kill themselves. And if you kill yourself because some big meanie calls you bad names, you’re not necessarily a victim, you’re just kind of a pussy. If you’re gay, be gay. I hate to break this to you, but if you are, ignorant people like me will make fun of you. It happens. I mean it could be worse. Somebody took a picture of me one time in a silk Member’s Only jacket and I didn’t need a candlelight vigil.


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