She Was Set On Fire And Left In A Dumpster

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Holy shit! Miami Herald reports:

Paula Sladewski and her boyfriend flew into South Florida to spend New Year’s Eve at a Lady Gaga concert at Miami Beach’s posh Fontainebleau. But the holiday trip would end in a horrific tragedy. On Sunday night, police found a body burned beyond recognition in a Dumpster in North Miami. The body, later identified through dental records, was that of the 26-year-old Sladewski. “We were praying that it wasn’t her,” said her stepfather Richard Watkins, of Garden City, Mich. “It’s been real hard. I didn’t know this many tears could fall.” North Miami police said Sladewski was last seen Sunday about 7 a.m. at Miami’s Club Space. She was with her boyfriend, Kevin Klym, 34. The two got into a fight at the club, according to a missing person’s report he filed. Klym told authorities he wanted to leave because she was “too drunk.” She yelled at him and bouncers threw him out of the club. He took a taxi to their Miami Beach hotel, and told police it was the last time he had seen her. Klym called hospitals and police stations, but couldn’t find his girlfriend. He told police that she was last seen wearing a short blue dress and black six-inch heels. That same Sunday, a few hours before the missing person’s report was made, a man spotted a fire from a Dumpster in the 1400 block of Northeast 130th Street in North Miami. The body was “burned beyond recognition,” said Lt. Neal Cuevas, a North Miami police spokesman. (Ed.’s note: At least her eyebrows didn’t suffer) Nothing else was found in the trash bin. It wasn’t until late Tuesday that authorities, using dental records, were able to positively identify Sladewski. Police do not know how she was killed, but believe she was dead before being set on fire in the Dumpster.

I watch a lot of Lifetime curled on the couch in my Snuggie, and I can never understand violence against women. I know women nag constantly and babble on incessantly about shit we don’t care about, but why burn them alive and throw them in a dumpster? It seems cruel and unnecessary. Blindfolding them and leaving them in woods seems to be working out pretty well for me.