Kevin Spacey Is A Weirdo

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No one who reads this site will ever confuse what I do with actual journalism or any type of legitimate reporting. Mostly because I post tits and ramble asinine nonsense about what I would do to said tits while I’m eating instant grits. But sometimes, people like to email me stuff. Most of the time it’s boring. This is not one of those times:

Hi. I worked on a production he was in, Shipping News – in the rural town of Trinity in Newfoundland. Town has a population of maybe 1200. He had production put a ping pong table in his suite and help him organize TOURNAMENTS with local preteen and teen boys. I’m not even making this up. everyone was really grossed out. all the local famileies thought he was just so wonderfully genorous with his time, being a big movie star and all but i think he’s a predator. the ping pong was one thing but he went through a pile of male ‘assistants’ that were flown up from LA-one a week. and at the end of the shoot we (crew, cast) were having a pissup at the local (Rocky’s) – he invites the 3rd AD out to his range rover for a toke ( i know this because i was banging the 3rd AD) so they’re sitting in the truck, and suddenly spacey goes for my friends ZIPPER and expresses an urgent desire to FELLATE him. the AD has now the awkwardest situation on his hands – with 2 weeks of shooting left, he has to A) politely decline Mr. SPacey’s offer and B) keep his job. he manages to get out of the truck unmolested and then Spacey takes off in the truck – and he’s fucking loaded. usually his handlers would prevent that sort of thing but they didn’t think he would be going anywhere, they just thought he was having a toke and a blowjob. so he tears off in his Range Rover and then misses a very sharp turn on the way out of the village goes through a fence and down a hill into some guys yard – and lands in top of the guys well. truck is all fucked up, there’s damage to the well, etc. production paid the property owner 10 grand not to say anything about it. there was some local joke that about how you get a hollywood movie star out of your well, but I forget how it goes.

I know that finding out that a Hollywood celebrity is a sexual deviant who can’t get let off the leash for five minutes before he gets high and drives a truck through your yard might come as a bit of a shock. Much unlike how hot my ass looks in these jeans. * licks finger then touches ass while making a sizzle sound * Uh, huh. That’s right, baby. You know mommy likey.