There’s A Petition To Replace Kevin Spacey With Kevin James On ‘House Of Cards’

Photo: Columbia Pictures

In case you live in the middle of nowhere with no access to internet or a television at all, you probably missed the fact that Kevin Spacey’s career has gone down the toilet after it was revealed that he’s a total creep. And because of that his highly popular Netflix show House of Cards has been canceled (the final season is currently in production). But guess what, HOC fans? Another Kevin may replace Spacey if the internet gets its way.

Some dude has actually started a petition that calls for Netflix’s co-founder, Reed Hastings, to replace Spacey with Kevin James. Yes, Kevin James from Mall Cop. The same Kevin James who starred on King of Queens.

Here’s what the petition’s starter, Robbie Pyma, had to say:

“Losing a great show is hard, no matter the circumstances. However, with hardship comes the opportunity for a great show to become one of the greatest television shows of all time.

I think Kevin James can elevate “House of Cards” to a globally adored franchise like “Game of Thrones” and make the entire world focus on one of the most important Netflix Original series there is.”

Now this is probably a joke, but holy hell how perfect would this be? Just seeing James as the President of the United States would be as hilarious as seeing Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

As I am writing this the petition is less than 2000 signatures away from its goal.

h/t Maxim

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