Kevin Spacey Got Cut Out And Replaced In A Movie That Drops In 6 Weeks


Kevin Spacey literally just got removed from an already completed Ridley Scott movie and replaced with Christopher Plummer. Deadline reports:

In an unprecedented bold move, director Ridley Scott, along with Imperative Entertainment’s Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas, have decided to remove Kevin Spacey from their finished movie All The Money In The WorldChristopher Plummer has been set to replace Spacey in the role of J Paul Getty. Re-shoots of the key scenes are expected to commence immediately. Scott is also determined to to keep the film’s December 22 release date. Spacey worked about eight to 10 days on the film, but the character is an important presence even if much of the action in the thriller involves the frantic efforts of the kidnapped heir’s mother Gail Harris (Williams), and Getty’s advisor (Wahlberg) to free the youth. The nightmare escalated after the family received his severed ear as proof the kidnappers were going to kill him if the money wasn’t delivered.

If you told me last year that Kevin Spacey would be having a worse 2017 than Trump, “grabbing dicks” would probably have been in my question somewhere. Pretty sure this has never happened before. And I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I hope they don’t replace John Lennon on all Beatles albums with John Mayer. Although I would like to see them CGI Christopher Plummer over Bill Cosby on every episode of The Cosby Show. That would be pretty neat. It would go a long way to explain why Denise is really light skinned.