Jamie Foxx is an Asshole

If you were a guest at the Four Seasons in L.A. last week, I hope you punched Jamie Foxx in face. Page Six reports:

During a publicity tour for “The Kingdom” at the Four Seasons in L.A., according to several junketeers, Foxx had his bodyguard commandeer the elevator. “He told guests of the hotel and journalists to leave the elevator,” our spy said. “Then, at every floor where the elevator stopped, the bodyguard would stand with his arm stretched out and say, ‘You can’t enter’ to anyone who tried to get on. A lot of us were like, ‘Who does Jamie think he is?’ “

Every story you hear about Jamie Foxx is the same, so I don’t feel for bad saying that Jamie Foxx can go fuck himself. Oooh, you played a blind guy addicted to herion?!? Well, why didn’t you say so? Right this way, your majesty!

Jamie Foxx on the set of The Kingdom: