Nicole Richie Has Great Friends

When Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton showed up arm-in-arm at the Volkswagen Concept party in L.A. recently, you would have never guessed that Nicole Richie once refused to speak to Paris ever again. They just recently started magically hanging out again, and now we may know why – Paris Hilton is an amazing friend:

…Richie dumped her stylist Rachel Zoe because Zoe, Richie’s former friend Mischa Barton “and a few others tried to stage an intervention and tell Nicole to get some help about her weight. Nicole was so hurt that she ran back to Paris and ditched those trying to intervene in her life.”

You know it’s bad when Rachel Zoe and Mischa Barton are telling you that you’re too skinny. It’s like Kelly Clarkson telling you to stop eating hot dogs or Nancy Grace telling you that you talk about missing white women too much. Obviously, there’s something wrong with you. At least Nicole Richie has one true friend in Paris. A friend who doesn’t give a shit whether she lives or dies. And isn’t that what Linus said Christmas was all about?

Yes, it’s Aria Giovanni instead of Paris or Nicole. And?