50 Cent Got Arrested

50 (Curtis Jackson) Cent was arrested today in New York after he was pulled over by police in an unmarked car while he was driving a silver Lamborghini. I’m lazy today so I’ll let TMZ do the work here.

Police tell TMZ they removed Fiddy from his car and cuffed him in front of several witnesses. Because of the crowd that began gathering around the scene, cops determined it to be an unsafe situation so they took him to a police station down the street from the scene. The car was not towed as police tell TMZ there was no reason to impound the car. Police issued 50 four summons: one for an unsafe lane change, one because his driver’s license had expired, one because his Lambo is unregistered with the state and another because the car is also uninsured. He was issued the tickets and released.”

Man, those cops are racist! And look at all those white people wondering how that gangstery looking thug stole that Lamborghini. Racist. All of them. I’d like to know how he got that thing, too. All I can manage to steal are those handicapped scooters you get at the grocery store and Target, and I’m not turning a profit. But I do look hot when I pull up to da club in one. Don’t be hatin’ ’cause you’re not rollin’ in my basket. That’s V.I.P. only, baby.

Random stuff …

Here’s Beyonce humping Jay-Z’s leg last night:

And (I hate her so much) Liz Hurley (she’s such a stuck up, snobby, icky, fartface) yesterday at an Elle Magazine party (but she has such a great rack):



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