Pete Doherty Likes to Share

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The Sun has released pictures of Pete Doherty injecting heroin into a female fan’s arm as she lay unconscious on the kitchen floor. A second picture shows Doherty injecting himself. These pictures are allegedly less than five weeks old and are just another episode in Doherty’s trouble with drugs and the law. Last Friday, he was released on bail on suspicion of drug possession. He was arrested just three hours after a magistrate did not sentence him to jail for a previous drug possession charge.

Okay, so can someone please explain to me why this lunatic isn’t being forced to taste test penises in prison for the rest of his life? Not for being a deranged drug addict, but for wasting all that heroin. Take it from me, when girls are already unconscious, they’ll always say yes.

Update: London’s Metropolitan Police Force say they will be investigating these photographs. For what, I’m not really sure. I guess a drug addict sticking a needle in an unconscious girl’s arm could be anything.

Thanks to John for the tip!


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