Christina Aguilera Is Smart

Christina Aguilera says she has no plans to change her sexy and raunchy image, and she will continue to please her male fans despite what others might say. She told Elle magazine that her husband is supportive and routinely encourages her by telling her, “Why are you covering up? You’re sexy, show it off!” Aguilera says any sexual tones in her music or lyrics is a huge part of artistry and a result of her being honest and proud of being a woman.

Christina could gain 200 pounds and still have a successful music career. She has the voice of an angel and rarely does anything stupid enough to get herself plastered all over the tabloids. This is a far cry from when Britney Spears was America’s sweetheart and every man’s ideal while Christina was basically considered to be a skank stripper whose career wouldn’t last. And although he’s not a hardcore gangsta like K-Fed, Jordan Bratman actually wakes up every day, goes to work and still manages to support his wife. Although if you looked like Bratman, you might not have too much of a choice. He probably just follows her around the house on all fours, flicking his tongue while his boxers are around his ankles.

Christina and Andrea Bocelli at the 56th Annual Italian Music Festival in San Remo:

Update: Here’s the video from their performance on Parkinson: