Colin Farrell is Suing Everybody

TMZ has obtained a new document in the Colin Farrell sex tape lawsuit in which the actor claims Candace Smith, a former “Barker’s Beauty,” was in on an alleged plot to sell the video. Farrell now believes Smith conspired with Narain to distribute the tape. Sources tell TMZ that Smith and Narain were close friends.

For a guy who has worked hard to get his drunken manwhore image just right, Colin Farrell seems a little sensitive about this whole thing. It’s not like he was having sex with Star Jones or trying to behead an infidel in the video. He was having sex with a Playboy Playmate. I’ve made dozens of sex tapes, and if my fraternity brothers ever found out where I lived, I’m sure some of the tapes would end up on the Internet. My point is, if I made one with Nicole Narain, it would be the one laying on the satin pillow in the lighted glass case labeled “Hardcore XXX Sex Tape Starring Playboy Playmate“. I might even use strobe lights. I haven’t decided yet.

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