Jenny McCarthy is In Denial

Remember that story about Jenna Jameson going on Howard Stern and telling him she had sex with Jenny McCarthy at the Halloween Pary they threw together at Body English in Las Vegas last year? Yeah, well, Jenny McCarthy’s publicist issued a statement in response to Jenna’s story.

This story is completely untrue.”

Hmm, see, I’m more inclined to believe Jenna’s side of the story here. Jenny’s defense was real convincing and all, but Jenna’s just not the type who needs to go around lying about her conquests. She has nothing to gain from telling this story. Millions of people already want to watch her have sex, want to have sex with her and have had sex with her. So it’s not like she’s hurting for an audience. I, on the other hand, can’t get anyone to buy my videos. Yeah, so it’s just hours of me forgetting to take the lens cap off the camera and hearing me say things like, “Look at this,” and “Look at that.” Then I forget it’s still recording while I do things like wash the dishes and leave to run errands, but it’s still great stuff. In order to sell the tapes I might need to go around telling morning show shock jocks about my hot threesome with Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg. Of course I’d be lying. Or would I? The tapes are only $19.95 each plus shipping and handling, folks!

Oh, and uh, here are Jenna and Jenny on the night in question: