Gwyneth Paltrow is Condescending

Gwyneth Paltrow complains she doesn’t have enough “me-time” since the birth of her daughter, Apple.

I don’t spend time I used to when I was single having a massage or a facial. I do things when it’s an emergency – when I look like a man, I have a wax!”

Don’t expect people to feel sorry for you, Gwennie. Angelina Jolie has three kids, yet she manages to travel to impoverished countries, attend U.N. conferences, make blockbusters, and most importantly, doesn’t whine about not having enough “me-time”. You have one child and haven’t made a decent movie in five years. You do, however, manage to find the energy to sound like an idiot most of the time. Single mothers everywhere can now rest comfortably knowing that one of their own, one with a mansion and countless nannies, also has a hard time balancing the rigors of a career and children.

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