Jenna Does Detroit and Jenny McCarthy

Jenna Jameson announced to the Detroit Free Press that she will bring Vivid and Club Jenna stars to the Motor City’s Zoo Bar this Friday before the Super Bowl. Tickets start at $500. The bash downtown will feature a lingerie fashion show, open bar and autograph sessions with some of the country’s top adult stars. Although the party won’t be naked, Jameson says don’t expect it to be G-rated either.

That’s not what it’s really about,” Jenna said of partying naked. “I just accept myself and I think a lot of women out there relate to me. Everybody is sexual; I just happen to be really honest about it.”

I love it when porn stars try to explain why they’re sluts. It’s always because of some innate serenity and liberation that allows them to feel like a hero while they’re covered in semen. Anyway, I’m not thinking this party will be any different. On Howard Stern this morning, Jenna said she hooked up with Jenny McCarthy while they were at a Halloween party that the pair threw in Las Vegas. Jenna claimed that the two got busy on a couch in front of the entire party. Later, Jenna rode Howard’s in-studio sex toy, the Sybian, and had orgasms all over my satellite radio. Football, porn stars, Jenny McCarthy. Jesus Christ, Jenna couldn’t torture me any more unless I found out her vagina shot out gold coins too. Seriously, who do I have to kill to get invited to this party? A homeless man? Ryan Seacrest? Because I can totally handle both of those.

Update: Awesome reader, Neil, was cool enough to send us these (probably NSFW) images of Jenna on the Sybian on Howard Stern this morning. If you don’t have Stern on satellite radio, check it out here: The Howard Stern Show/Sirius