Lindsay Lohan Has Stitches

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly rushed to a London hospital to receive teatment on her leg. She was admitted to the hospital Friday afternoon and received ten stitches in her shin after she slipped on a set of stairs at singer/photographer Bryan Adams’ $5 million mansion. Lindsay was released later that day.

She and her friends were preparing breakfast, with eggs and everything, and Lindsay was going up the stairs, carrying a ceramic teacup,” Dina explains to Star. “She had just come out of the shower so she was still wet and had some lotion on, and she completely flipped on the stairs since it was slippery. The teacup went flying, it was shattered, and one of the pieces cut Lindsay in her shin. It was an accident.”

Lindsay Lohan was obviously doing coke so I won’t bother you with that, mostly because I’m trying to figure out how Bryan Adams managed to get a bunch of underage girls at his house. And not just for a quick visit to have tea, but to stay long enough to need to take showers and make breakfast. I have never listened to Bryan Adams, but I may need go to the library and find a copy of Summer of ’69. You know, for research.

Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto on the set of Chapter 27:


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