Brad and Angelina Are Valentines

The Sun UK reported over the weekend that a source close to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt says the couple are planning to get married around Valentine’s Day.

It will be very soon – in the next few weeks and at their Malibu home,” says our spy. “There won’t be many guests – it’s strictly close friends and family.”

So, who’s this source person who’s always telling on them? I think it’s probably one person who manages to spy on all the A-listers at once since the quotes always sound the same. I like to think it’s some little superhero type who wears a little superhero costume. “Super Snitch.” He stands about 12 inches tall, but his pink tights and yellow, flowing cape with the big “SS” on it make him feel taller. Cut him some slack, people. It’s not easy being 12 inches tall, but his height is an advantage when he’s sneaking around and spying on famous people. If you need to make fun of something, make fun of those stupid pink tights. At least he can change those.

Here are some pictures of Angelina on the set of The Good Shepherd: