Kate Moss is Wanted

Supermodel Kate Moss will speak to British police as part of the investigation of her alleged cocaine use, but at this time no timetable has been set for the interview. The 31 year old model lost valuable contracts H&M, Burberry, and Chanel after Daily Mirror tabloid published pictures of her using cocaine in a London studio where then-boyfriend Pete Doherty was recording in September. The model’s spokesman, Stuart Higgins, said Saturday that discussions have been held between police and the model’s lawyers over the past two weeks.

“Kate has made it absolutely clear all along that she will cooperate with any police investigation when the necessary arrangements can be made,” he said in a statement.”

I use the phrase “alleged cocaine use” because that’s what the article says, but if you have seen the video, it’s obvious what Kate is doing. Man, it really must be great being a celebrity. Because the tape that was sent to my boss showing me snorting cocaine got me fired. Coincidentally, the cops came to my house the same day and arrested me. There was no “discussion” and no “arrangements” that had to be made. Except the one I had to make to get the top bunk. Despite what you might think, holding on to someone’s back pocket is good if you’re new to an area.

Kate Moss shooting a Rimmel ad in London:

Pete Doherty arriving at a court hearing January 11th:

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