Britney Spears Is So Dang Spiritual

Photographers snapped Baptist, Kabbalist, Tackiest Fashion Victimist Britney Spears on a recent trip to a Hindu temple in Malibu. She was hooking up young Sean Preston Federline with some sort of “blessing” for some reason. I don’t think Britney’s smart enough to ask these people to help chase off the inevitable demons who will haunt him his entire life since he’s the product of trash and crap. I think she was so high from Starbucks, Ding Dongs and Bubble Yum she thought the sign on the door read “Tattoo” rather than “Hindu”. That snack combo can make you nutty. So much so that it’ll drive you to temporarily tattoo a gunshot wound on your forehead. Gawd, she’s such a tease.

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