Britney Spears Thinks This is a Good Idea

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Britney Spears plans to make her comeback by singing on hubby Kevin Federline’s new album. While she doesn’t rap on the as-yet-untitled hip-hop album, she has agreed to sing backup on several tracks.

I swear to god, Kevin’s semen needs to be studied. It’s like he’s one of the X-Men, and his evolved power is to make every woman he has sex with retarded. If you would have told me four years ago that what I have been masturbating to all this time would end up looking like a greased pig and married to that jackass, I would have stabbed you in the neck then changed the channel to Lizzy McGuire. My penis hasn’t given up hope though. With a few bottles of Proactiv and Trimspa, and a note from her doctor, I could love her the way she needed to be loved.

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