Madonna Hates Attention

Madonna is quoted in this article as saying,

I’m not obsessed with publicity or celebrity anymore. I think it’s all a lot of shit. I had it and it didn’t make me a happier person. Actually, I quite hate it when the media doesn’t leave me and my family alone, but I accept it as the price of success. I get freaked out by some of the haircuts and outfits I had in the past but nothing too serious. I like to think of myself as a revolutionary.”

When one doesn’t like drawing attention to one’s self, one should not wear what Madonna’s wearing in these pictures from two days ago. Yeah, the fur collar, diamond “M” ring, that hair and those sunglasses really scream, “Go away, stop looking at me!” Don’t they? The sunglasses are the worst. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people wear sunglasses indoors or at night, but it gets worse when the glasses have crap like G U C C I displayed so prominently. I made it a point not to be as pretentious as her when I bought my Hummer. It has a 6 inch lift, limo tint on all the windows except the driver’s, 24 inch, diamond encrusted Sprewell Spinners and a license plate which reads FU SUKRZ. See, but I drew the line at the optional Chinchilla fur seat covers and infinity spa, and that’s why I’m better.


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