Madonna Isn’t Reading This

Madonna says she refuses to read newspapers or magazines because she doesn’t want to read inaccurate stories about herself and doesn’t have the time to defend herself to the journalists.

I find it frustrating because my life is always misinterpreted through a filter of misinformation. It’s simple. I don’t want to be influenced by the gossip and the press and one inevitably is if you read it. I get to the third page of a paper and there’s a hideous article about me, my husband or my children or somebody in my circle, and I end up getting irritated and I’d rather not have that in my life.”

I feel the same way about bills. When I receive ones I deem unnecessarily high, I simply ignore them, do Ashtanga Yoga, drink Kabbalah water and tighten the knot on my red string. I do all of that in the dark while I lick the dust from my last package of Ramen noodles, but at least I have my priorities straight unlike you people.

Here she is a few days ago. Every time I post flattering pictures of her people complain, so I’m meeting you half way here.