George Clooney is a Drunken Tool

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Just in case any of you had a doubt that George Clooney is an egomaniacal doofus, the following article from This is London should clear things up for you. The article reports,

The actor lost his customary cool after an attempt to dodge the paparazzi by using the back exit of Meze went disastrously wrong, leaving him stranded in a Soho alley at 2am. A clearly tired and emotional Clooney then blew his top when he saw one of the bar’s security staff walk off, uninterested in his plight. One onlooker said: “The security guard was walking down the alley and George screamed at him, ‘come back here’ and then he said, ‘I am going to fucking have you!'” Clooney then took a run at the guard and a pushing match started, with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Snowdon getting involved. “He squared up to the security guard and Lisa was screaming at him, ‘George, George, come here’. She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him away and finally a Jeep pulled up.”

If Georgie would have just let them get a damn picture then all this ugliness could have been avoided. It’s not like he was wearing Velcro gloves and on a date with a sheep. George, you’re not Mormon, people know you drink, so get over yourself. You chose to be famous, now please stop whining about it. Also, nothing is more pathetic than a grown man pretending to want to fight another guy, and then allowing a chick to pull him away. I have no idea who that Lisa Snowden is, but unless she looks like Chyna or something, she should not be able to prevent a man from getting in a fight if he actually wanted to fight. Yeah, that security guard is lucky that girl got in the middle of you two, or you would have really roughed him up, tiger. Rawrr.

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