Nicole Kidman is upset

Britain’s Grazia Magazine is reporting that Nicole Kidman is “devastated that ex-husband Tom Cruise is expecting a baby with new fiancee Katie Holmes.” Now, if by “devastated” they meant “incredulous” or “relieved”, I can completely understand that. Nicole seems like a pretty intelligent person (or maybe it’s just that sexy accent), so it is hard for me to believe that she can’t see through this Cruise/Holmes sham. Why can’t I stop thinking about that hot Australian accent of hers? I love a good accent. It doesn’t even have to be as thick as Madonna’s fake English accent, and it still gets me all hot and bothered. Anyway, the article I was originally talking about states that

“According to pals, the Oscar-winning actress is also worried about how the new arrival will impact on the couple’s children, Connor and Isabella.”

If I were Nicole, I think I’d be a little less worried about a fetus and more worried about the fact that her children’s father is insane and be thankful that none of those kids have his rabid cult fanatic DNA. Chances are pretty good Katie Holmes will give birth to a straight jacket.

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