C.C. Deville drives drunk

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Poison guitarist C.C. Deville (Google him if you have no idea) was sentenced to 80 days in jail when he pleaded no contest to one charge of driving under the influence causing injury, after he ran into two, yes two, parked cars. The article continues,

DeVille, whose given name is Bruce Johannesson, was also sentenced to five years probation, fined $1,000 and ordered to surrender his licence for a year, city prosecutors said Monday. The 43-year-old rocker known for his over-the-top antics hit a parked vehicle Aug. 24 while he was backing out of the driveway of his girlfriend’s home, prosecutors said. He allegedly rammed another parked car, deploying his vehicle’s air bags and injuring his girlfriend.

It’s a shame the judge couldn’t be a bit more creative and make C.C. agree to stop driving or performing forever. This guy must have been really twisted to hit two cars. I usually sober up significantly after the first impact.

Just a bit of advice there Bruce, maybe you should leave the hairspray and eyeliner at home when you do that 80 days in jail. Then again, being an inmate’s girlfriend might not be as bad as it sounds, so give it a shot.