Sienna Miller is a stalker

Jude Law and Salma Hayek were seen out on a date and flirting up a storm in Paris at Man Ray Tuesday night. Upon hearing the news, Sienna Miller decided it would be a good idea to pay him a visit the next day.

A source is quoted in Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying: “Sienna threw herself at Jude. She walked into the restaurant where he was having lunch with a pretty brunette, who wasn’t Salma, and she got down on her knees and wept. She was sobbing uncontrollably and telling him, ‘Don’t go, don’t go’. At one stage she had her head in his lap.”

Yeah, that was smart. Nothing makes a guy swoon more than the stench of desperation, especially when he’s still covered in the sweet smell of sexy Salma Hayek. Sienna should reconsider her strategy because judging from Jude’s dating pattern lately, Sienna’s not going to turn him on by continuing her current diet of not swallowing her food.

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