Britney Spears has a huge ass

When I go to the high schools and speak to the young people of today, one thing I stress is to always use protection, cause singers get pregnant really easy, and they have a lot of STD’s from life on the road. Of course, between a baby and an STD, STD’s are what you have to worry about because, obviously, you can’t drown an STD. My point is, I’ve gotten thousands of models/actresses/singers pregnant, and I assure you, that is one giant ass Britney is packin. And don’t even try to defend her cause she’s pregnant. She brought food on the way to get food. Or is that one of those pre-natal lollipops I’ve been reading about in Omni?

update – I’m too busy watching my home town turn into Atlantis to do a full post on this, but – in case you haven’t heard by now – Britney Spears has decided on the name London Preston for her son. In only thinking of the welfare of the child, the nurse should cut the chord, take the baby and throw it out the window. The baby will probably get eaten by wolves, but if not, but if not rest assured that the wolf will never say, “go on now little’n, fetch mama her cigarettes and a moon pie.”