Jessica Simpson is kind of sarcastic

Not content to work only in music and film, Jessica Simpson is launching a denim line for plus-sized women. The jeans, available in sizes 12 through 24, cost about 60 dollars and are available at the Avenue Store. Simpson’s manager said the singer-actress designed the line so people of all sizes can identify with her.

I get all tense through my chest when I look at pictures of Jessica Simpson, so I’m looking forward to when she becomes my girlfriend, which seems inevitable at this point. If I’ve learned anything from sitcoms – and I like to think I have – we’ll be good together because were so mismatched. I’m cautious and level headed, Jessica is pompous and out of control. And I base that on the fact that a girl 5’3″ and 100 pounds would be sarcastic enough to endorse ‘plus-sized’ jeans. Although it’s entirely possible she doesn’t know what the ‘plus’ means. She might just think they’re fortified with vitamins.

You can see her line of jeans here.