Paris Hilton has an impostor

“The thought of a world with two Paris Hilton’s is pretty scary – even to Paris Hilton.” The New York Daily News says that “the hotel heiress has contacted authorities to stop an impostor who allegedly has been using her name to live the not-so-simple life. The scam artist is said to look so much like the “House of Wax” mannequin that friends of the real Paris recently told her it was fun seeing her in Saint-Tropez – even before she got there … adds the source, “she tried to check into the Four Seasons in Maui (and) was asking for upgrades.” The hotel management finally got suspicious and called [Paris’ parents] Rick and Kathy, who told them Paris wasn’t even in Hawaii.

Quite frankly, if someone had to grow up looking as lion-proof ugly as Paris Hilton, I think they deserve a little something nice. Two weeks at an upgrade in Hawaii to make up for 20 years of that nose sounds about fair. Doing whatever you have to do to have flies fly around your vagina may be more that I would to do to commit to the bit, but I admire this girl’s dedication. And hopefully the Hiltons aren’t contending that this impostor’s bratty behavior might do something to demean the good name of Paris Hilton. Cause if they are, cover your ears, cause big laughs are coming.