Marisa Miller has gone too far this time

I’m a little emotional right now because I got into a huge fight with Marisa Miller last night. We were having a perfectly lovely evening and were about to climb into bed when out of nowhere she referred to natural log base ‘e’ as the ‘Euler Number’. I couldn’t believe my ears. Still can’t. Was her contention to simply ignore the discovery of ‘e’ by John Napier in 1614? Cause it seemed it was. Oh, I guess, fuck him, right Risa? Yeah, all he did was practically invent logarithms 120 years before Leonhard Euler ever even thought about tagging value 2.718281828459045 as ‘e’.

Maybe I didn’t have to call her a “vile cunt”, but, c’mon … Euler? Fuck you man. Not in my house. Not ever.

It’s like the girl pictured here at the Sunglass Hut Swim Show In Miami two weeks ago doesn’t even exist anymore, cause I certainly didn’t recognize the monster I saw last night.

See more of Marissa here. And by “more of”, I mean “naked boobs of”.